Friday, June 3, 2011

Wedding Shoot

On May 21st, I had the privilege of third shooting at a wedding with the talented Janie Algeri from VIP Events!
The wedding was amazing and the couple is soooo in love!

Greeting her grandfather and Step-dad

Shots on the bus!

Pictures at the Hartford Rose Garden

Talking to the Brides Maids

Father to the groom
Mother and Stepfather of the bride

This is definitely one of my favofite pictures
Mother and Step Father of the groom, emotional during the vows

This little trouble maker was dared to run into the water!
beautiful cake!

Dance with his mother

Her dress was all dirty after walking around on the grass and sand


  1. So beautiful! And, this is going to sound totally weird, but I love that you got a photo of the bride's dress a little dirty. No one ever takes photos like that. I don't know, it makes it more real, I think.

  2. I totally agree with what Sami said. It shows your personal style - that you don't mind getting down and dirty. :)