Monday, January 30, 2012

Shelter Project: Hop A Long Hallow

Second Shelter of the year and I am thrilled about it! Hop A Long Hallow , Norwalk, CT based, is a wonderful shelter. Linda Thibault is the President and her selfless hard work and sacrifices for the shelter are commendable. I had a wonderful experience photographing the bunnies, they were so sweet and they all had incredible stories. Many of these bunnies were rescued from awful situation and Linda and her crew have done an amazing job rehabilitating them.

Here are the awesome pictures.  There will be some notes about certain bunnies that you should read.

Please visit the Hop A Long Hallow facebook page and website. 

Lionhead/Angora mix 

Its hard to describe the awful torment this bunny must have gone through. His ears have been cut clean off before he was abandoned. When Hop A Long Hallow first got him he was very distrustful towards humans and a bit of a "troubled" bunny. I don't blame him! He's come a long way, hes one of the sweetest bunnies ever and has even bonded with another very sweet bunny. This bonded pair is very, very special and deserve to go to a special, caring home.

This bunny has only one ear, so of course, I had to dress him up into the Mardi Gra bunny, he'll be the life of the party!

This Sassy Pair is looking for a home. Fashonista bunnies are the best kind of bunnies!
Patriots or Giants? These bunnies have chosen their sides.

My Photo Project: Helping Shelters

"Every year over 6 million animals are euthanized in shelters for lack of available homes." I found this startling fact in this article. This number is awful. But I've seen articles online urging photographers to volunteer taking photos at shelters. When the photographers are better the animals are more "adoptable." I've made it my personal mission to donate my photography services to 10 shelters a year. 

I also urge other photographers to consider helping shelters. A good picture makes a world of difference. 

So this brings me to the subject of my blog post: Shelter #1, Companion Pet Rescue. CRN is a network of foster homes in TN and CT and they have an adoption center in Southbury, CT. That is where I went to take pictures of some sweet doggies! Here they are :

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Facebook Page

There are very exciting new projects and things going!

I have created a Facebook Page for Mayya Medved Photography. Please "Like" it!

In addition to that I've been working on some incredibly exciting projects that I will be posting about very soon so check back! 

Photoshoot: Lainie and Jackson

I met Lainie when she hired me to take photos of her son Jackson, who is a sweet, hyperactive, and curious little boy. Laine had said, "I'll be happy if you get one good shot of him!" Well, Lainie was ecstatic. So when it was time to find a surprise birthday present for her wife, she had called me to take some portraits of her and Jackson. Here was our wonderful photoshoot!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Photoshoot: Piff

I realized I forgot to do a post about Piff over the summer. My boyfriend's co-worker got a puppy and brought him to work on a day I was visiting my boyfriend. So instead of having Piff, a four week old pittbull hanging around the office, I took him out on a four hour walk. Now, when I say walk, I mostly mean that I did all the walking and Piff had me carry him.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Photoshoot: 3 month old

4 Months ago I did a maternity photo shoot for this adorable couple and it was with my great joy to do 3 month portraits their first baby, who is a beautiful and sweet baby girl. They are wonderful parents and she is clearly daddy's little girl. She lights up whenever her daddy even enters the room.