Monday, November 29, 2010

Awkward Closeups

This cow had quite a sour disposition or was it eating something sour?

I fell in love with this beauty's hair! I wish I had curls like that!


I love this photo because it looks like this broken building has a sky and field inside!
It is a broken down building at Uconn.


Mansfield Hallow Dam Park.
It was my first attempt at long exposure. Took quite a bit of pictures but I think I'm happy with the results.

Horse equipement..

Located at the Uconn horses stables

Some Lizards...

This is a skink at the first annual Massachusetts Reptile Expo!

This is my boyfriends bearded dragon, J. Walter Weatherman, named after a character on arrested development. He has his dinner (a horn worm) on his head.

This is my beautiful leopard gecko Lucille.