Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photoshoot: Tegan

When the beautiful Tegan contacted me about doing her headshots I was more than thrilled! Tegan is an aspiring model and needed headshots to start work. We shot these photos at Sacred Heart University. My favorite part was shooting the photos with the green lipstick. It was so unique and Tegan looked Gorgeous!! The pictures where she is on the grass look really relaxed but in reality Tegan HATES grass! What a trooper--anything to get the shot! Make sure you click on the photo to see it better (the small pictures distort the image!) 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding: Aaron and Kristen

Last Saturday I second shot a wedding for VIP Events, LLC and had an amazing time! The couple was so welcoming and inviting and made me feel like I was a guest. The bride and groom, Kristen and Aaron, have been together for 8 years!
Aaron attended a college in Maryland while Kristen was at Uconn. Aaron was visiting a friend at Uconn when they saw each other and instantly felt a connection. Kristen called her mom that day and said she met a guy who she would date if he went to Uconn. Shortly after, Aaron transferred to Uconn. They were such a sweet and wonderful couple and it was so great photographing their special day.

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