Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boudoir Photo Shoot | Bridgeport, Connecticut

Boudoir Sessions are the best! Liz wanted to do a bridal boudoir session for her and her [10] bridesmaids! We had a blast! Although some of the girls were nervous at first, once the camera was on them they felt comfortable and had an absolutely fantastic time! The photo shoot was at Liz's home and we used her mom's bedroom as our set. The girls got their hair and makeup done and made a little party out of it, filled with food and drinks! The photos will be used as a gift to the bridesmaids so I will only have a few photos to show as preview! Great jobs girls! You all look stunning! 



CD Cover | Christian Artist in CT

Rosa Davis Gallaher is a talented Christian singer who was getting ready to release her first album. She looked for a photographer who would capture the spirit of her album and after some searching she contacted me! I was very honored! We had a fantastic photo shoot and all of her children were present to help Mom be the best that she can be! After the photoshoot it was up to me to edit the photos and put them into the template and upload them to the website Rosa was using to print the covers. Then I got to be there for the CD release party, which was a great time!

This was the photo used as the CD cover

This was the template I worked with to create the CD. I did all of the photos, graphics, and text

This is me holding a CD during the CD release party, all printed and looking great!
If you or your band need a CD photo shoot or a CD designed please contact me and we can discuss ideas and prices!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Family Photos | Greenwich, Connecticut

The Brown brothers wanted a special gift to give their mother for Mother's Day. They decided on a photo shoot with their kids. These are a few of my favorite pictures from their family shoot in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Child Photography | Waveny Park, New Canaan, CT

One and a half year old Antonis was quite a ham during our photo shoot. Not only did he look darling in his suit (and other outfits) but he strutted his stuff and worked the camera! Our photo shoot was in Waveny Park, in New Canaan.