Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blog in Need of a Makeover

I've been working towards starting a photography business for some time now and I finally have a website and I've ordered business cards and things are really heading in the right direction. Unfortunately, with all those time consuming tasks I've really neglected the layout of my blog. I'm the type of person who has never been able to keep a blog (or steady stream of posts) and keeping this one relatively updated has been a HUGE feat for me. That being said, when I first started this blog I cared very little about appearances and just wanted a place to put my photos. Now that I'm becoming more professional it is time for a blog revamping! Why am I writing this before I have even done anything? Because I think that if I have it written out, online, I'll be more likely to actually do it!
I'm also working on flyers, waiting patiently for my business cards, booking photo shoots, and planning ways to expand my business!

This weekend I will be second shooting a wedding so check back for pictures! 

I have no new photos to post right now, so I will end this post with Billionaire dog.

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