Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Photoshoot with Sami and Sabrina

One of my favorite things about pursuing photography is the wonderful people I get to meet and the creative opportunities I encounter. For my latest project I got to work with two creative, entrepreneurial, fabulous women. I could go on about how fantastic they are, but rather I'll talk about our project.

Sami of Poor and Pretty has a blog about fashion, being thrifty, and soap cupcakes! She contacted Sabrina Allard, a fashion stylist, of Pinky's Pen and they worked together to help Sami pick out the proper clothes which fit Sami's petite frame while still staying true to Sami's unique and fun stuff.

I had an amazing time working with these girls. This was my first time in the studio and I was pretty nervous but as soon as we all started working I let go of my fears and really got into it! For this shot I was fortunate enough to use the UConn photo studio as well as a Nikon D2x (and for those who don't know, its a $6,000 camera!). I've actually become pretty obsessed with studio photography.

Sami and Sabrina have posted on their blogs about these shoots and what I really enjoy is that each blog has a different perspective. Sami's post is about her experience and what she learned, Sabrina's post is about fashion and how to improve upon your style, and mine is about the photography aspect. After you look at the pictures you should check their blogs out!



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  1. I also love our different perspectives for blog photo layout. I still can't believe that this was only your first studio shoot, you were a complete natural.